Privacy & Policy

Privacy Policy of Digital Favins

Privacy & Policy

Digital Favins always believes in customer’s data security. Our privacy policy is all about the security of data given by the clients or captured by Digital Favins. We take 100% responsibility of provided data and how we use it at Digital Favins or by the dedicated team of Digital Favins.

Method of data collection

Digital Favins has multiple sources of collecting data, which starts from the query form filled by the client. In query form we ask for some information, like, Clients name, Contact number, Email id, Address, Subject, substance of the message, etc. Except query form our other sources are data purchase from agency, gather information from social media or provided by the client in agreement form at the time of face to face meeting.

Data utilization policy

We at Digital Favins have reliable and trust worthy team of employee, hence they are instructed about the policy of data utilisation of clients. We utilise the data of clients only for the assigned task. Once project is completed, we destroy all the concerned data provided by the clients. If anything happens from the end of our company, Digital Favins is taking full responsibility for that. And we also ensure that all the concern documents keep safe and are with the responsible person of Digital Favins’s team.

Cookies and Web Beacons Policy

Just like other branded organisations Digital Favins also has cookies policy where we treat these cookies and beacons in highly secure pattern, where these cookies are utilized to store data including quests, propensities and the pages given on the website. All the information is being use to enhance customers experience by re-trying our pages content to the visitors.

Our beacons policy ensures that the data in the website are safe. As example, an e-commerce website has payment integration and many secure product information also it has API integration sometimes. Our policy says that your entire data including bank details, card information, UPI information, etc are secure. To know more about these polices, you are suggested to read about cookies and beacons first.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

We use cookies to personalize add and contents to provide social media features and to understand our traffic. GDPR protection rights has multiple angle and for multiple protection like, rights for individuals, rights to be informed, right of access, right to data portability, right to data rectification, right to restrict processing, right to object and rights around automated decision making and profiling. Hence all the rights are reserved for client’s data privacy and security. All related information can be shared only with the concern person, nothing more than that.

From Digital Favins your data are highly secured, even more than expectation, so be relaxed and no need to worry. We ensure 100% peace of mind by doing any project related to digital marketing or internet marketing and website designing or website maintenance, etc.

Clarification centre

If you have any kind of doubt related to privacy policy, you can reach us any time by approaching provided details.


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